Exploring The New Testament

Volume One: The Gospels & Acts

Volume Two: The Letters & Revelation

Tried, tested and trusted by students and teachers across the world, these widely respected study guides enables the reader to engage with an array of essential topics including:

  • the Jewish and Greco-Roman background to the New Testament
  • the Greco-Roman background to ancient letter writing
  • the content and major themes of Paul’s life, mission and theology issues of authorship, date and setting
  • literary genres and forms
  • issues of authorship, date and setting
  • the content and major themes of each book
  • well-established and newer methods of study
  • the latest scholarship in the quest for the historical Jesus
  • the intersection of New Testament studies with contemporary faith and culture
Exploring the New Testament Vol 1 Book Cover
Exploring the New Testament Vol 2 Book Cover
An early image of Jesus

What’s on This Site

On this site you’ll find images and resources which expand on the contents of the two volumes.

These will include a wide range of images, maps and charts which will add to the richness of exploring the New Testament.

You can either view these chapter by chapter or by categories such as places & people.

Here is a link to a list of typos and errors in volume 1 as published by SPCK and IVP. If you’re using the book as a class textbook, please do share it with your students.

A superb one-stop shop for students looking for resources that open up the New Testament world and its writings.

Dr Elizabeth Shively, Senior Lecturer in New Testament Studies and Director of Teaching, School of Divinity, University of St Andrews

Presents the issues clearly, encouraging readers to interact with the text… very useful for both students and teachers.


Readers are given a wealth of resources for study, including historical background, context, scholarly discussions, theological reflections and essay questions. I recommend this book to anyone involved in theological education.

Dr Lucy Peppiatt, Principal, Westminster Theological Centre

Avoids the twin dangers of overwhelming the student with detail and oversimplifying complex issues.

Michael B. Thompson, former Associate Principal, Ridley Hall, Cambridge