About Exploring The New Testament

Tried, tested and trusted by students and teachers across the world, these widely respected study guides enables the reader to engage with an array of essential topics, including:

  • the Jewish and Greco-Roman background to the New Testament
  • the Greco-Roman background to ancient letter writing
  • the content and major themes of Paul’s life, mission and theology issues of authorship, date and setting
  • literary genres and forms
  • issues of authorship, date and setting
  • the content and major themes of each book
  • well-established and newer methods of study
  • the latest scholarship in the quest for the historical Jesus
  • the intersection of New Testament studies with contemporary faith and culture

Now in their third edition, these popular textbook has been fully revised and updated.

Drawing on the authors’ decades of experience in teaching these topics, this comprehensive textbook gives students a strong understanding and a solid foundation for further study.

Exploring the New Testament Vol 1 Book Cover

Volume One: The Gospels & Acts

  • the impact of social memory theory on Gospel studies
  • recent work on characterisation in narrative studies of the Gospels
  • women in the Gospels
  • reading the Gospels and Acts theologically
  • how the Hebrew Scriptures are read by the New Testament authors
  • the resurrection and Ascension of Jesus
  • Luke’s presentation of Jesus’ identity and mission
  • updated bibliographies, highlighting the most important and influential works published in the past decades

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ISBN/EAN/UPC: 9780281084623

Exploring the New Testament Vol 2 Book Cover


  • the theological links between Jesus and Paul
  • major recent discussions on Pauline theology
  • developments in scholarship of the New Testament
  • updated bibliographies, highlighting the most important and influential works published in the past decade

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ISBN/EAN/UPC: 9780281084647

The Authors

David Wenham

After studying theology in Cambridge and Manchester Universities, David Wenham taught in central India for some years. On his return he was Director of the Tyndale House Gospels Research project, moving from that to the staff of Wycliffe Hall in the University of Oxford. He taught in Oxford for many years, before moving to Trinity College in Bristol. He is now retired.

He has written extensively, on The Parables of Jesus (Hodder/IVP 1989), and especially on the relationship of Jesus and Paul, with his Paul, Follower of Jesus or Founder of Christianity? (Eerdmans 1995), Paul and Jesus: The True Story (SPCK 2002), and Did St Paul Get Jesus Right? (Lion 2010).

He was involved in parochial ministry in a group of villages near Oxford for some years. He is married to Clare, and they have two sons, both married, and six grandchildren.

Steve Walton

Steve Walton is Professor of New Testament at Trinity College, Bristol, having previously taught New Testament at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London School of Theology, and St John’s College, Nottingham. He is a member of a number of scholarly societies, and has served as Secretary of the British New Testament Society..

His Leadership and Lifestyle (Cambridge University Press 2000) is a major study of Paul’s Miletus speech and 1 Thessalonians.

Steve is an ordained Anglican minister and has worked in parish ministry in Merseyside, and with the Church Pastoral Aid Society as their Vocation and Ministry Adviser, as well as in academic teaching posts. He refereed volleyball at international level, and lives in London with his wife, Ali, who is also ordained.